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My coffee... today before work, i went to sleven, and got the french vinilla capichino... (yum) i added one shot of vanilla syrup, 2 shots of carmel syrup, a lot of vanilla sugar powder and the mini white marshmelos. im still on a damn sugar high. its quite the rush... and mood elevator. probably going to go into a coma very soon.

 ~my accomplishments today~

  • i pissed off lisa at work
  • corrupted some youth

 quote of the day

"this one's my favorate, it looks like a rainbow!" --hannah

today in special ed... we watched that hillary duff movie... raise your voice. and jusus christ wow. words couldnt explain how horrible that movie fucking is. really its like disney channel meets dumb jap horror movie... its bad. i would rather cut off my limbs with a room tempature butter knife... no PLASTIC knife and feed them to a pack of hungry wolves, than sit through that movie EVER again.

      what the hell is Dr. Pepper???

~Want to know? Ill tell you. Cinnamon! not black cherry, or root whatever. i know this because my dad told me. and he knows because of trivial persuit!!! it was a question and the answer was cinnamon. damnit i am not a liar!

www.provedjessicaandherfatherwrong.com my ass ADAM! oh yeah and the internet sucks! world of information... yeah BULLSHIT! you would think that somewhere of the world wide web, askjeeves / google... would have that information. what is the actual flavor. well it doesnt, nowhere on the internet does it say the flavor if dr.pepper. not even on the god damn DR PEPPER offical websight. hellllllllo. im agrivated at this.

it is worth pondering... and its driving me fucking nuts. what flavor is dr. pepper? hmmmm.

JesserBeanski: dr pepper...
JesserBeanski: what do you think of it
theDUNCANstein: It's good
theDUNCANstein: sometimes it tastes like baby powder smells.

did poo poo just solve it? maybe its baby powder...

so anyways, i havent been able to fall asleep at night. like at all in the last 2 weeks... its a bummer. something tells me that even though i got roughly 3 hours of sleep last night, that i wont be able to fall asleep again tonight. thanks to my intake of 20 oz of pure sugar/syrup. 

soo goodnight all... i hope everyones day was as productave as mine was.

note to self**** Wed. at 1 (yey finally get my very first invisaligh retainer!  really though, who has braces when there 18 years old? there is me... and um oh yeah tim Vandusen... great.


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    jesus christ. i dont think i can take watching people i love self distruct. especialy when the obviously dont give a fuck about me. grr.

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